About Seminars and Workshops on Research Development

Research Development, Integrity and Assurance offers a number of different seminars and workshops that focus specifically on grant development and management. The sessions are organized in three series, which are outlined below.

If you are interested in scheduling a session for either the Basics series or Tips for Success series, please contact resdev@gmu.edu. If you are interested in the Grants Management series, see the OSP training page for more details.

The Basics sessions provide an introduction to grant writing, and includes sessions on seeking funding from both public and private sources, on “how to” write a proposal and also includes a session specifically for graduate students.

The Tips for Success sessions provide useful advice on how to be successful in seeking funding information, writing competitive grant proposals and creating relevant budgets. The seeking funding session includes an introduction to using SPIN, a funding source database.

The Grants Management series provides essential training for faculty and staff on managing sponsored projects. They also include monthly drop-in assistance sessions and an overview of the proposal submission process