2022 Anti-Racism & Inclusive Excellence Seed Funding

The Office of Research Innovation and Economic Impact (ORIEI) in collaboration with the Anti-Racism and Inclusive Excellence Task Force is excited to announce the first annual ARIE Seed Funding Initiative.

PLEASE NOTE: A Q&A was held on Wednesday, May 18, 2022. The recording of the event can be found here: 2022 ARIE Seed Funding Q&A

We https://gmu.zoom.us/j/92242188578will be continually updating an FAQ document for ARIE Seed Funding. That regularly updated document can be found here: 2022 ARIE Seed Funding FAQ. Last Updated 5/18/22

Seed Funding Highlights: 2022 Anti-Racism & Inclusive Excellence Seed Funding

The full Request for Proposals can be found here: 2022 Anti-Racism & Inclusive Excellence Seed Funding – Call for Proposals

This seed funding emerged as one of the recommendations from the ARIE Research Working Group and funded by the ARIE Task Force. This funding will support research, scholarship and creative activities addressing the myriad issues on the theme of anti-racism and inclusive excellence.

Two tiers of funding will be available: 1) Up to $25,000 and 2) Up to $50,000. We anticipate funding 4-8 projects.

Successful proposals should:

  • Have a strategy for ensuring that the research, scholarship and creative activity project meaningfully addresses anti-racism and inclusive excellence
  • Produce deliverables designed to foster a culture of anti-racism, diversity and inclusive excellence within and beyond Mason
  • Include for a support structure (funding and mentoring) for students
  • Engage a diverse team of faculty and students within and across disciplines
  • Propose projects that can be completed in 12-18 months. Awardees are expected to present at the September 2024 Annual ARIE Conference

Proposals should be sent as single PDF document to resdev@gmu.edu later than 11:59 pm on June 30, 2022. The proposal requirements and the review process to be used to identify the most promising proposal(s) are described in the Call for Proposals. Please note that a faculty member may participate as a member of a team in no more than two proposals in this competition.

Proposal Requirements

Page Limitation:                 See Call for Proposals

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Font Size                             Font size of no less than 11 point

Line Spacing:                     No more than 6 lines per vertical inch